Saturday, 6 October 2012

Seeing Things Differently

Have you ever come to see someone you thought you knew in a different light? Like, you’ve got this female friend, right, and you’re close, but just friends, you know, she’s in a relationship, whatever. You can finish each other’s sentences, laugh at each other’s jokes before the punchline, know all each other’s favourite snacks- but you’re just friends, no more. You’ve never even considered her romantically, not even once- totally platonic. And then, suddenly, she’s single, and she’s starting to get back into dating again, and you start to think differently about her. Look at her differently. Suddenly you’re seeing something completely different when you look at this girl you knew so well; the lines of her face, the way she walks, the curve of her hips, even. All of a sudden, it’s almost like you’re checking her out, noticing her for the first time. You think about that time she hugged you at the ice cream place, when you felt something- something unfamiliar and strange, but thought nothing of it. It’s like when you played the shit out of Mario World as a kid, know it like it’s your own house, and it’s only when you dust off your old SNES that you realise you only ever played world 1. Suddenly, there’s so much- more, it’s a goddamn revelation. It took just a subtle change for you to realise what you hadn’t been seeing, and then it was there all along, staring in your stupid face. End of the Sixth Sense, you know? There the whole time, but you just didn’t see. It took this perfect moment, this sudden flash of light, this epiphany for you to realise just how fucking fat she’s gotten.


  1. dude did i mention how gay this is yet

  2. Buy her a salad you ole savage bastard.