Monday, 20 July 2009

I am returned!

Lookee! I'm here! I'm posting! Been a while, hasn't it. But, if you, dear reader, are prepared to forgive me that, I will forgive you for not reading this. In fact, I may even go so far as actually posting on a weekly basis or more, as I once claimed I would. Now, to business; I promised myself that I would never post solely to apologise for not posting, so it seems you are owed some actual content.

So, what to write? Well, for a start, I never bought a DS, as I said I would. Had I done so, it would solely have been to play Pokémon, and possibly Tetris DS. Regrettably, what rationality I possess overruled the slavering Pokémaniac within. I think it was for the best- Pokémon deserve a kind, caring trainer, and, especially with the addition of online play, that is not something I could be.

In other news, I have relapsed- I'm back to playing Call of Duty 4 all the god-damn time. I managed to break free for a year, but one day, and quite innocently, I thought: "I know what I haven't played in a while!" I take some consolation in the knowledge that I'm even better than I thought I was- I completed Veteran difficulty in a matter of days, and in multiplayer I am popping heads like a strange man playing some sort of obscene carnival sideshow, which is essentially what I am, so the simile was a bit redundant.

Team Fortress 2 is still close to my heart-Valve's marvellous game design never fails to bring joy to my soul and vigour to my limbs. Closely reading all of the update posts at steampowered, I can't help but feel that they are pouring themselves into continually building and improving upon the foundations they set almost two years ago. That sort of developer support for a title really is a model the industry could do with following.

Recently, I managed to obtain copies of both Warcraft 3 and Starcraft, along with its Brood War expansion. Both are pretty premium as far as strategy gaming goes. Starcraft, being essentially a less bleak version of Warhammer 40000, by which I mean a version where there is any hope at all for anyone, is obviously particularly appealing to me.

Speaking of 40k, I have (almost ceratinly foolishly) purchased for myself a copy of Games Workshop's glorious Space Hulk remake. Although initially the idea sounded a little dull to me, having seen the game and watched it in motion, I couldn't resist grabbing a part of it. I'll report more (seriously) when I actually recieve the damn thing.

I think that's probably it for now. I really promise I'll post again this time, seriously.

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